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Two-way radio users are no doubt familiar with the narrowband channel changes that took place on January 1, 2013. Those changes required the two-way radio channel size to be cut in half to 12.5K. What is less known is the FCC also proposed an additional half size channel split after narrowband was implemented. Known as 6.25K (very narrowband) this yet to be enacted channel size would require a totally new approach to two-way radio design and operation.

Range Graph As a joint engineering venture, JVC Kenwood and Icom began to develop a totally new two-way radio system known as NXDN. Next Generation Digital Narrowband. NXDN was created and designed from day one to work (and work well) on a very narrow 6.25K radio channel. All aspects of normal two-way radio operation were supported. Conventional radios, repeaters and wide area Digital trunking systems were created.

Over 14 years ago, MIDCOM Service installed the first NXDN Digital UHF repeater in the Muskegon area at our Vine Street Tower. We began to experiment and performance test the new Kenwood "NEXEDGE" Digital radio equipment.

System Graph In 2014, we constructed the first phase of our new NEXEDGE Digital trunking system in Muskegon County. Our second and third phase added additional NEXEDGE trunking systems for Ottawa and Oceana Counties. All of our NEXEDGE systems are network linked together to form a multi-tower Western Michigan coverage area. Our goal was to build a modern Digital multi-site trunking system on the 6.25K very narrow channel size of the future. And yes, we built our new Kenwood NEXEDGE systems to outperform our existing UHF LTR trunking systems.

In 2015, MIDCOM Service joined a collective of Kenwood NEXEDGE dealers in Michigan. MIDCOM's NEXEDGE trunking systems are now linked through IP networks to other NEXEDGE systems in Grand Rapids and Lansing all the way to Detroit, Southfield, Pine Knob and South to Toledo, Ohio. Additional systems in Michigan are currently under construction at this time.

MIDCOM's NEXEDGE Digital trunking systems are the first of their kind in our area operating entirely on the new 6.25kHz very narrow radio channels. Digital radio operation improves range and privacy. In addition, our Kenwood NEXEDGE systems offer choices in multi-tower site (wide area) or single site (local) configurations which will allow us to provide solutions that meet specific customer requirements. Our existing analog UHF LTR trunking systems remain in full operation. Only MIDCOM Service will offer multiple types of trunking system choices in each subscriber radio. Our Kenwood NEXEDGE radio models are the NX-3820 series mobile and the NX-3320K series portable. These newer Kenwood NEXEDGE radios will allow you to continue to use your existing UHF LTR radio system until you are ready to switch to NEXEDGE Digital. Our customers can upgrade one radio at a time. When all radios are NEXEDGE ready you can easily change your fleet to our new Kenwood NEXEDGE Digital radio systems.

NEXEDGE mobiles Download the NX-3820 Digital mobile brochure in pdf format.
NEXEDGE portables Download the NX-3320 Digital portable brochure in pdf format.
NEXEDGE Brochure Download the NEXEDGE-Ability brochure in pdf format.

For more information on MIDCOM's Kenwood NEXEDGE Digital trunking systems, please contact us. We can discuss coverage area options and monthly tower service costs that fit your desired system requirements. Demo radios are available for you to test and evaluate the performance of our NEXEDGE radio systems.

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