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One of the most important aspects of any two-way radio system is its reliability. Keeping the two-way radio equipment in good working order protects the customers investment and assures the highest levels of satisfaction.

MIDCOM Service is a fully equipped two-way radio repair facility. Local repair is provided on a wide variety of makes and models of two-way radio equipment.

 IFR Test Monitor

MIDCOM Service is an authorized service center for E.F. Johnson, Kenwood Communications and Telex VoIP Radio Dispatch products.

Modern two-way radios have become smaller and more complex in the past decade. We offer a full complement of two-way radio test equipment, including our Aeroflex 8800S NEXEDGE and P25 Digital Service monitor. Your Kenwood two-way radio equipment is fully supported with experienced repair techs, service manuals and genuine Kenwood repair parts. To support the newest P25 Viking and Kenwood models we provide local P25 testing and repair support through our authorized Kenwood P25 Repair Depots. For local NEXEDGE Digital radio repairs, we are fully staffed and equipped with "hot-air" desoldering stations and local parts in stock to service the newest models right at MIDCOM Service. Base stations, repeaters, mobiles and portables are all locally repaired at our facility. Fully equipped MIDCOM Service vans provide on-site repair, programming and installation services.

As always, there is much more to the repair story than just the ability to service the customers mobile and portable radios. Invisible to the customer is the tower facility and the UHF LTR and NEXEDGE Digital two-way radio trunking system equipment. Maintenance of the tower, repeater stations and antennas and the IP networks that connect the towers is critical to full performance of the two-way radio system. MIDCOM Service is fully equipped to provide any level of trouble-shooting and repair for all aspects of the two-way system tower infrastructure.

Another important aspect of two-way radio use is FCC license requirements. At MIDCOM Service, we provide full in-house licensing services. From simple UHF/VHF applications to more complex Digital narrowband trunking systems, we can provide any level of FCC licensing support you may need. Additional FCC compliance requirements include tower registrations, license renewals, construction notifications and RF Exposure and Safety issues. Let MIDCOM help you with your FCC license renewal and construction notification requirements.

Our goal at MIDCOM Service is to provide complete two-way radio system and equipment maintenance. We welcome the opportunity to help you with your two-way radio repair needs.

Let MIDCOM Service take care of your communications system maintenance.

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