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Tower construction & tower site leasing

Tower sites are the backbone of any wireless communications service. Wireless antennas need to be mounted high above ground level to provide a clear line of sight to the wireless customer.

In 1991, MIDCOM Service began the preliminary work to build our own tower site to serve Muskegon County. Constructed at Vine & Barlow in Muskegon Township in 1992, a 320 foot PiRod tower was pressed into service. We soon moved all of our Muskegon based UHF Community repeaters to the new facility.

Our goal in design of this site was to offer not only two-way radio systems an excellent, centrally located tower, but a facility that could be utilized by a wide variety of wireless systems. Public safety, local government, state-wide paging, and RAM Mobile Data (the first mobile computer data system in Muskegon) all began providing service from MIDCOM's new tower facility. Soon to follow were MIDCOM's 800 MHz and UHF narrowband LTR trunking systems, the first of their kind in Muskegon County.

In 1995, a second tower site was constructed on M-104 in Spring Lake, providing Ottawa County with all of the same wireless systems. From our new 280 foot PiRod tower, two-way radio services in Ottawa County have expanded greatly with the addition of paging, data, 800 MHz and UHF narrowband LTR trunking for the Tri-Cities areas.


Our thanks to Acme Antenna, Big Jim and Ken Borgman for all their help with both facilities.

Our PiRod tower sites offer excellent coverage of Muskegon and Ottawa Counties. Please contact us for information on available tower space at our facilities.


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