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Family Radio Service

The Family Radio Service is a newly formed selection of 14 radio channels whose primary focus is for unlicensed, general public communications. In the past, most two-way radio portables were too costly for use by the family for short-range communications.

The Kenwood FreeTalk and ProTalk series now offer excellent performance in basic, low cost portable radios. Camping, hunting, or sporting events, you can now stay in contact with Kenwood FreeTalk family radios. Higher performance ProTalk portables provide solutions to more demanding communications needs.

The Kenwood FreeTalk Family portable.

500mW of transmit power.
14 channels with built in 38 code tone squelch.
Side-mounted Push to Talk (PTT) button like a real portable radio.
Top-mounted option jack allows use of a speaker/mic or earphone.
Clear, easy to read channel display, battery indicator, feature icons.
38 hours of operation from each set of AA batteries.
Speaker/microphone, headset options.
Auto Power Off/Battery Saver/Call Tone.
PrivacyTalk electronic scrambler.

Kenwood ProTalk Portable two-way radio.

One, two, and 15 channel models.
2 Watts transmitter power.
Die-cast metal chassis.
8 Hour NiCad Battery pack/optional high capacity battery.
4 or 8 prestored frequencies.
Speaker/mic option jack.
Military 810C specs for shock, drop, high temp, light rain.
2-year warranty.
Time Out timer/Low Battery Alert/Accessory port.
38 built in tone squelch codes.
Drop-in overnight charger/rapid charger option.
Locally repairable at MIDCOM Service.

For more information on MIDCOM's Family radio portables, please contact us.


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