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Narrowband UHF LTR Trunking Systems

9800 mobile Trunking systems provide state of the art two-way radio performance. Unlike older systems, LTR trunking allows a number of improvements over conventional two-way radio operation. MIDCOM Service offers multi-site UHF narrowband LTR (Logic Trunked Radio) systems in Muskegon, Ottawa and Oceana counties.

In the past, business users of two-way radios shared channels with radio "neighbors" on a "party line" type system. Naturally, these systems offered effective communications and benefits to the users. But......waiting to use the system and sharing channels could be uncomfortable.

E.F. Johnson LTR trunking systems changed all that. MIDCOM Service introduced 800 MHz trunking systems in Muskegon and Oceana counties, and now, the first UHF narrowband trunking systems in Muskegon, Ottawa and Oceana counties. Our Johnson UHF LTR trunking systems actually operate on multiple (more than 5) channels. Each time a user keys the mic on his radio, an open channel is assigned by the LTR system controller for that conversation. No waiting. Immediate access to communicate. No shared channels. No eavesdropping by other shared radio system users on your conversations. More two-way radio benefits.

MIDCOM Service provides genuine E.F. Johnson UHF LTR trunking service from our new towers in Muskegon, Ottawa, and Oceana counties. Excellent coverage of our service area. Let us show you how LTR two-way radios can save your organization money. Our Johnson UHF LTR trunking systems provide solutions to your communications needs, without the wasteful (by the minute) charges of a cellular telephone.

Only MIDCOM has the capacity to serve both your narrowband LTR two-way radio needs and NEXEDGE Digital Trunking on the new 6.25K channels coming in the future. Our UHF LTR and NEXEDGE Digital systems are second to none. Join us! With our service department support, you can depend on MIDCOM to take good care of your UHF LTR and NEXEDGE Digital communication needs.

For more information on MIDCOM's E.F. Johnson narrowband UHF LTR trunking systems or our new Kenwood NEXEDGE Digital trunking systems, please contact us.


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